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Privacy Policy – Commitment to your privacy

This site is legally owned and managed by Fast Cleaners Ltd. The information you entrusted to us is guaranteed to be in a safe storage and for business purposes only. Your privacy is important to us and we want to protect your private data as best as we can. Our company is governed by the ethics of fidelity and veracity, so there is no need for you to worry, because we see to it that the exchange of information within this site and through telephone is secured.

Information We Gather and Track

We gather different information from our customers by using different means; it could be via electronic news letter and surveys. We don’t ask for information that is beyond our business and scope of concern. During information gathering we always practice freedom, it is the choice of the client if she/he wanted to disclose some information that still has a connection with the services that we offers.

We gather user information by utilising this means:

Optional voluntary information

We offer free services but it is the client’s choice whether he or she wants to avail these services.

  1. Electronic newsletter policy (dispatches)

To be able to connect with our clients, we offer free electronic newsletter to users. We gather volunteer customers and make them become a subscriber. They will be able to know the latest trends and some announcement from us through receiving news feeds on their emails. Since it is a free choice, users may discontinue receiving feeds from us by removing their names from our list. They just have to follow the instruction presented in the subscription management page.

  1. Surveys

To know our status and to gauge our ratings, we occasionally conduct surveys. The results of the survey are somehow confidential, but we sometimes share demographic information to our trusted partners to inform them about the performance of our company. Unsupported third parties are not allowed to obtain some information about the result of the survey.

Use of Information

As what we have stated above, the use of the information voluntarily rendered by our customers are for business purposes only. We use them through sending email newsletters, conducting surveys and special editions.

We never share any information including the emails of our customers to third parties like advertisers and sponsors. We never track a specific activity in our website, when we track information to survey the interests of the crowd; we certainly base it on traffic and search terms entered in our search function. We measure this area to help us improve more and formulate new services and techniques to serve you better.

Sharing of Information

We are covered by the ethics of confidentiality. We don’t share any kind of private information from our clients. But, when it comes to surveys, we usually tailor information given by our subscribers as a whole or in general. There is also an exception in cases where there is a valid legal process that needs to be complied.


Our cleaning company assures your safety and protection. We are protected by up to date and standard firewalls and password protection systems. We periodically improve our protection and maintain our security.

Opt-out Policy

Our company gives our customers choices such as opting not to receive our electronic newsletter and deciding not to participate in any surveys and other interactive activities.

Your Consent

By using this site and registering to our community, we have already obtained your consent on using the information we gather from you for the purpose of improving our performance. We will inform you immediately if there are any changes that are going to happen like changing our privacy policy and etc.

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