Our Cleaning Prices

Fast Cleaners Ltd is a professional cleaning company in London that offers affordable and competitive cleaning prices.

Monthly Offers Carpet Cleaning

  • Regular Domestic Cleaning Service:
    Min 2 hours per week
    Min 3 hours fortnightly
£19.00 per hour
£19.00 per hour
  • One-off Cleaning Service:
    Min 5 hours per visit
  • After Builders Cleaning:
    Min 5 hours per visit

£27.00 per hour

£29.00 per hour (includes labour and cleaning materials)
£27.00 per hour (includes labour, materials and equipment)


Carpet Cleaning Calculator

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

We offer reasonable and value for money carpet cleaning prices in London. To give you an idea of how much it costs use our online calculator below.

London Carpet Cleaning Total Costs

Stairs – per flight
Lounge – may depend on size
Dining room – may depend on size
Bedroom – may depend on size
Rugs – may depend on size

Fast Cleaners Ltd has been in the cleaning business for decades and is considered as one of the most reliable and thorough service providers in town.

  • Our minimum booking fee for this service is £75.00
  • All carpet cleaning jobs are VAT exclusive.
  • We require deposit upfront.
  • Traffic and parking fees may apply.


Upholstery Cleaning Calculator

Upholstery cleaning prices

If you would like a stain and dirt free upholstery but you don’t have the time and energy to clean it yourself the answer to your problem is Fast Cleaners Ltd. Our rates are not only competitive and affordable but we deliver quality results.

Please feel free to use our online calculator below:

Upholstery Cleaning Total Costs

Select Qty
2 Seat Sofa
3 Seat Sofa
Curtains – Full drop (per set)
Curtains – Half drop (per set)
2 Seat sofa (Leather)
3 Seat sofa (Leather)
Armchair (Leather)
  • The minimum price for this service is £75.00.
  • All of our upholstery cleaning prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • A deposit will be obligatory.
  • Traffic and parking fees may apply.
  • We offer discounts on bookings over £140.00


Mattress Cleaning Calculator

Mattress cleaning prices

When it comes to pricing our services such as mattress cleaning, rest assured that it will definitely not hurt your pocket. Our rates are really inexpensive when you consider the excellent results that we deliver.

To give you an idea, how justifiable are prices on different cleaning jobs, try our price calculator provided below.

Mattress Cleaning Total Costs

Mattress Cleaning Prices – Select Qty
Single Bed
Double Bed
King size bed

Important reminders:

In order to avoid confusion and miscommunication, there are some things that you need to understand prior to engaging us.

  • All our prices are not VAT inclusive. It means that you will assume whatever tax considerations involve when you contract our cleaning company for mattress cleaning.
  • A minimum of £75.00 is required in order for us to consider your needs.
  • We also require a deposit to signify sincere intent to engage our company to do the cleaning job for you.
  • Should your bill reach more £130.00, do not worry, we will give you discounts.



Commercial Cleaning Prices

Commercial cleaning prices



Regular Commercial Cleaning Service Min 2 hours per week

Min 3 hours fortnightly


£20.00 per hour
One-off Commercial Cleaning Service

Min 5 hours per visit


£20.00 per hour

Our company is recognised as the best cleaning company in London which is also an expert in commercial cleaning. We accept jobs for shops, high rise construction and buildings, restaurants, showrooms, warehouses, offices, school facilities, government offices, and even airports. Whether your commercial structure is big or small, we will attend to it with the same service we provide with our other services.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Are you looking for an affordable end of tenancy cleaning service in London? Are you looking for some professional help on cleaning your new space after moving out?Fast Cleaners Ltd is one of the most sought after cleaning company that specialises in move in/move out cleaning. It was set up in 2001 and we have established good track records in the cleaning industry over time.

We are committed in providing you high quality and dependable services that aids you in the process of moving in to your new flat or home.

We are comprised of trustworthy, dependable and insured end of tenancy cleaners that provide satisfactory output and contentment. They are well-trained and supervised by our managers. We assure you that they are safe to work with, since they have undergone strict and through security background check and tests. They are negatively attached to any of malicious acts or law-defying activities.

We also offer the most reasonable and affordable price in town. Our minimum end of tenancy cleaning cost is £120.00 with VAT inclusive, but our cleaning prices are VAT exclusive. We assure you that our prices are negative from any hidden charges and anomalies. We always value our customer’s trust and we cannot afford to let you down.

To be able to begin our task, we usually require deposit. It is one of our techniques to ensure half of our gain. Since we are honest in providing quality service to our customers like you, we think that it is just fair to have this kind of policy.

We provide highly trained and specialised professional cleaners, who are strictly and thoroughly checked across the London area.

  • We require a minimum booking, which vary for different services.
  • All cleaning rates are excluding VAT.
  • A deposit may be required, depends on the type of cleaning services you wish to book.
  • Congestion Charge and Paring may apply.

Contact us on 020 3907 7263 for more information about our cleaning prices in London.

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